A place to learn and grow!

Add Goodness Urban Retreat

Add Goodness is a collection of thoughts and practices. It reflects years of contemplation, exploration, uncertainty and growth. A place of inspiration in change. A place where it is safe to explore darker life experiences in a more celestial light. This is a place to add goodness to your life.

Sometimes the path to growth and change is not so much about letting go of what is wrong but instead adding bits of goodness. Those 1%'s are what can change your life. A lifetime of learnings, failings, trying, falling, giving up and trying again have lead to the understanding that it is not so much about what feels incomplete or out of alignment, but rather what moments in each day do you grant to your higher self? What tools and tricks do you have to crawl out of a funk? How often do you prioritise self care, movement, mindfulness and overall wellness? The philosophy behind add goodness is that these small incremental changes begin to transform your subconscious and override your life.

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