What is yin + oils?

One of our favourite classes on the weekly schedule - Yin & Oils. If Yin is new for you - Yin is a slow-paced and restorative modality that emphasises on postures for longer durations, postures that help create more space in your body and mind. It’s a restorative practice gently working on deeper layers of the body - fascia, joints and connective tissue. If you’ve done Yin before, you’ll know it makes you feel deeply relaxed and spacious for days to follow ❤️

Our signature Yin & Oils class is paired with the ritual of essential oils using the self care range from our friends at @bareandwilde. The “be” mist is made from pure essential oils that inspire clarity and presence to help elevate your Yin practice.

Book in your Yin & Oils class at our Mt Lawley studio here.